County of Vermilion River
CVR Website with information on Council members and Administration, some bylaws,  Agendas and Minutes of Regular and Special Council meetings and Policy and
Priorities Meetings, Planning & Development, etc.

2016 County of Vermilion River Council/Committee Meeting Schedule

2016 Concil meeting schedule

Municipal Government Act – Alberta
Current as of November 24, 2010. Provincial legislation providing the foundation for how municipalities operate.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Advocating better taxes, laws and regulations for your business.

  • Check out Alberta Research Reports, Budgets & Public Finance – Canada’s Fiscal Fitness, as well as Lobbying –  Alberta Tax Policy – Property Tax Report June 27, 2012 (The Real Fiscal Imbalance) to see how the CVR stacks up against other Alberta municipalities in the Central Region.  The County of Vermilion River is found in the Central Region.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation
A citizen’s advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less
waste and accountable government.