About Us

The exercise of municipal democracy is not an activity which occurs around the time of municipal elections, but all the time, through the activities of the municipal stakeholders.  It would appear that Council and Administration, past and present, have  come to rely on our complacency to push forward certain policies and procedures which we feel targets some unfairly and which will stifle economic growth, particularly in the area close to the City of Lloydminster.

Municipal taxation, by nature, is an exchange of dollars for service. Taxpayers expect, and should demand, that Council will maximize the value of every dollar spent and keep tax increases at or below the rate of inflation.

The CVRTA has taken the opportunity to express the position of its membership to Council with respect to the following issues:

  • The treatment of its taxpayers/land and business owners with respect, honesty and fairness;
  • The operation  and maintenance of infrastructure, resources and revenues in a manner expected of any  prudent and efficient business entity and the  cutting  of  public- sector waste;
  • The provision of requests for information in a timely manner;
  • Putting an end to unfair and unbalanced taxation;
  • The initiation of an open and transparent process towards negotiating and formulating policy for development;
  • The prioritization of drainage issues;
  • Entering  into development agreements (mutually agreed upon, signed and dated)   prior to project construction, such agreements to fully contain  eachand every condition which will be applicable to the project.

The role of the CVRTA is to work co-operatively in a positive,  constructive and friendly manner with Council and Administration, to keep taxpayers informed of County issues of current concern, and to assist taxpayers and groups who wish to bring issues to public attention.