Welcome to the County of Vermilion River Taxpayers Association


The CVRTA is a non-profit taxpayers advocacy group incorporated on July 14, 2011 under the Alberta Societies Act. Our association’s objectives are to provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of matters of mutual interest relative to concerns arising from the policies and actions of the County of Vermilion River.



County of Vermilion River Taxpayers Association AGM
March 23rd  @7pm
Kitscoty Legion
Gerry Gehlen AACI, P.App. of Atlas Appraisal Services will be the guest speaker.  Mr. Gehlen will discuss Expropriations, Land Values and other topics of interest to County of Vermilion River Taxpayers.  He will answer any questions from the floor pertaining to property ownership. 

Please join us, – current and new members welcome!

See the CURRENT ISSUES page for a copy of the letter sent to County Council in August and any updates


The CVRTA will, at every opportunity, express the position of its membership with respect to all municipal issues and will seek to advance the best interests of the majority of the taxpayers by promoting good governance and management of the County of Vermilion River.  The CVRTA will seek to ensure accountability, fiscal prudence, transparency, open communication, equality, fairness and responsiveness of the County to the needs of its taxpayers.  We will strive to maintain ongoing communication and liaison with the County of Vermilion River and Province of Alberta departments which can assist in the above.


The CVRTA does not support special interest groups.

The CVRTA does not support or promote any political party, movement or organization.